I can guarantee that some of your favorite childhood memories started in the kitchen. That favorite dish your mom or grandmother made (in my case, it was frequently my dad). You still crave as an adult because it made you feel all warm and loved. The act of preparing food for loved ones and friends seems to be an ever-fading ritual in America today. With busy schedules, drive-thrus, and microwaves, we’ve lost the art of passing down recipes and gathering around the table as families. Dinner is no longer a rite of passage. We’ve forgotten how to bond with other people over the simplest of human needs: nourishment.

Cultures around the world have an incredible amount of identity that begins at the dinner table. You learn so much about another person by sharing a meal with them from their home. Starting at the American dinner table and branching outward, it is my personal goal to encourage people not only get back in touch with their own roots, but to connect with other cultures through shared culinary experiences.

Please join me on this journey through new culinary adventures or in my own kitchen as we seek to reconnect with those around our own dinner table… and make room for more at the world table. In my book, sharing a meal is the first step to peace and understanding.