Less Guilt, More Purpose

Less Guilt, More Purpose

Recently, I’ve been meeting with a dietician to help me lose weight. I’ve always struggled with my weight and having thyroid disease makes it ten times harder to keep the weight off, let alone lose it. I’ve tried almost every diet under the sun and nothing seems to “take.” This month, I finally broke down and got some professional help.

My assignment for this month was simply to create menu plans for myself that focus on low-calorie foods with a lot more vegetables and protein in my diet. Carbs are fine in small amounts, but I have to make sure they’re whole grains that are full of fiber. I have to keep track of my calorie intake each day and make sure to drink 64 ounces of water. This week, I’m adding in regular exercise: walking this week, then adding in some strength training next week. I’m going to walk everywhere. If my errand is about a mile from my house, I’m walking instead of driving.

Now, does that mean I’m going to overhaul CG into yet another “Fitness Paleo Keto Organic Vegan Grass-Fed Protein Shake” blog? Nope.

One of the things my dietician told me during my first appointment was that she didn’t want me to cut anything out, necessarily. If I’m “dieting” and feeling deprived or eating things that I hate, then it’s going to make it harder for me to commit to a long-term change. I don’t want to “diet” for the rest of my life. I love food. It’s what my entire career is built on.

Instead of dieting and doing CrossFit for an hour a day, I’m starting out with simple lifestyle changes. Watch my calories. Eat lots of veggies. Drink enough water and get enough sleep. Purpose to be more active. Get some sunshine and go for a walk. Splurge a little here and there? Sure, just do it in moderation.

Less guilt, more purpose.

Am I still posting dessert recipes? Heck yeah. I’m excited to show you what I’ve got planned for Easter dinner next weekend. I’m going to enjoy myself with the rest of the family instead of chewing on carrots like the Easter Bunny.

Will we have more “healthy-ish” recipes? Yes, you’re joining me for the ride. I’m going to view this as more of a “game” in which I take dishes that I love and turn them into healthier, more calorie-conscious recipes. It’s a win-win for everybody and I can’t wait to show you what I have planned. (Think: peach cobbler with a toasted hazelnut crust.) BOOM.

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  1. I love this SO MUCH, Carey! And it’s never about the number on the scale going down, it’s about healthy sustainable lifestyle change! It sounds like you’ve picked a phenomenal RD! As an individual with an MS in Nutrition who has spent the last year and a half or so as a health coach, she is sharing absolutely phenomenal advice with you – it’s exactly what I would say. Continuing to have the foods you love while being mindful of your overall choices and portions as well as working exercise in slowly over time is EXACTLY the way to do this thing.

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