Sushi Fugu

Sushi Fugu

Flower Mound, Texas


Let me start off by saying that this was an over-all good experience. The food was good, presentation was gorgeous, and the atmosphere felt very upscale.

However, the service was lacking, which in my years of experience with the restaurant industry, can make or break a dining experience. My husband and I had a Groupon, so I asked our server about it to make sure that I understood the fine print. He politely explained, but then proceeded to avoid our table for a good thirty minutes. We sat patiently, but I eventually had to flag him down and ask about our food and water refills. Two tables that arrived after us had already received their food. I kind of got the feeling that because we were “those customers” with the coupon, we were put on the back-burner. Having been a server I can understand the mentality, but sadly unbeknownst to our server, we tip very well… if the service is excellent. I feel like service we received was a let-down compared to the atmosphere and presentation of the food.

As much as I like eating out at “nice” places, this felt like almost “too much.” While the food was great, I also felt like the overall presentation was a bit… pretentious. Call me simple, but sometimes the best food doesn’t need a grand entrance. It can speak for itself with flavor.

Rainbow Roll
Volcano Roll
Whiskey Peach
Apple Tini
White Miso Soup
Sashimi Combination
Ahi Tower


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