Dino's Steak & Claw House

Dino's Steak & Claw House

Grapevine, Texas

My husband and I like to have spur-of-the-moment “foodie adventures” whenever we can. While in Grapevine for an errand one weekend, we decided to go exploring around the historic old town district. It certainly didn’t disappoint. Chock-full of restaurants, cafes, and little specialty food stores, old town Grapevine still twinkled with Christmas lights from the not-long passed holiday. We casually strolled down the pedestrian-friendly Main Street and stopped in several shops and cafes (don’t worry, we’ll cover those in other posts).

Dinner rolls, with whipped butter and balsamic drizzle

Towards the end of our evening, we stopped in front of a classy-looking steakhouse. I hesitated, thinking about a little Italian place we passed earlier, but my hubby suggested that we at least check the menu. We stepped through the large, antiqued wooden doors into a beautiful lobby. To our left, a friendly hostess smiled and offered us a table. Just behind her sat a pianist at a grand piano, giving off an elegant ambiance. The rich wood accents combined with the candlelight and smell of well-aged wood gave the place a warm, cozy feeling.

Escargot in an herb garlic butter

We started off with a glass of cabernet sauvignon (Charles Krug, 2015) and fresh dinner rolls served with an in-house whipped butter, drizzled with a balsamic glaze. We then moved on to lobster & chive ravioli in a roasted garlic froth and escargot in herb garlic butter. (Side note: escargot tastes like mussels.) The pièce de résistance by far was the entreé. We both ordered one of their specials for the evening… an eight ounce filet mignon crowned with two jumbo sea scallops and smothered in a rich béarnaise sauce.

Lobster & chive ravioli in a roasted garlic froth

If I were to rate this dish based on the emotional response it elicited, I’d give it an 11 out of 10. That first bite brought me to tears. The tender, buttery texture of the steak almost melted right on my tongue. Paired with the soft scallops and creamy béarnaise, it was absolutely magical.

Filet mignon topped with jumbo sea scallops & béarnaise, whipped garlic mashed potatoes, and seasoned carrot & zucchini spears

Our server, Jesse, was amazingly attentive. He made sure we were never without and kept a jovial discourse going with his guests.  Even though our dinner was a spur-of-the moment decision, we felt like it was our anniversary. That could only be achieved by a stellar menu and even better service, which I felt Dino’s pulled off very well. They can definitely count on getting this foodie couple’s business again in the future!

What angel tears must taste like


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